Three professors, eight graduates and ten undergraduates founded the Toronto Chapter of Alpha Delta Phi in 1893. That same year, the Chapter became the first fraternity at the University to acquire a House. Originally founded as a literary society, we foster this scholastic tradition through regular literary events where Brothers, both Active and Alumni, present on a variety of topics. We offer an environment where Brothers can share teachings from diverse educational backgrounds and benefit from exposure to a wide range of perspectives.

We are also active in the community, raising money and hosting charity events for many organizations such as VETS Canada, Jack.org, and the St. Felix Centre.

Alpha Delta Phi Toronto understands that academics are our members’ first priority. On top of providing a comfortable place where Brothers can read, study, and have group discussions, we offer scholarships for students based on academic excellence. Our International body also encourages literary excellence through competitions where applicants can earn scholarships and cash prizes.

Our Fraternity is the perfect medium through which you can expand your network, meet similarly driven students, and create lifelong friendships. Holding positions of leadership in our organization gives Brothers the experience and confidence needed to grow that cannot be found in any other club or student organization. Seven of our Brothers were named to the 'Group of 175' - representing 175 of the university's most influential Graduates. Our Chapter has produced: 6 Companions of the Order of Canada; 4 Officers of the Order of Canada; 10 Members of the Order of Canada; 7 Rhodes Scholars, and our Brothers have gone on to prominence in education, industry, finance, politics, law and the arts.

Notable Alumni from our Chapter include:

James Mavor, 1893 - Founding Member of the Toronto Chapter
- Professor of Political Economy at University of Toronto
- Founder of the Art Gallery of Ontario and Royal Ontario Museum
William H. Moore, 1894 - Member of Canadian Parliament
Hon. George R. Geary PC KC OBE, 1894 - Member of Canadian Parliament
- Mayor of Toronto
Hon. John D. Falconbridge, 1896 - Ontario Supreme Court Justice
- Dean of Osgoode Hall
Hon. Sir L. C. Outerbridge CC CBE, 1T1 - Lieutenant Governor of Newfoundland
Hilliard B. Bell MC KC, 1T1 - First World War flying ace
Henry J. Burden, 1T5 - Professor of Architecture at the University of Toronto
Hon. Colin W. G. Gibson KC PC, 1T5 - Secretary of State of Canada
Henry I. Bird, 1T5 - Chief Justice of British Columbia
Dana Porter, 2T1 - Chief Justice of Ontario
James H. Biggar OC, 3T0 - Rhodes Scholar
- Senior Master at Upper Canada College
- Executive Secretary of Visites Interprovinciales
Norman O. Seagram QC, 3T0- Partner of Strathy, Archibald, and Seagram (now Gowlings WLG)
Robert L. Pepall MBE, 3T2 - General Counsel at Noranda Inc.
- Awarded Order of the British Empire for his service as Major of the Royal Canadian Artillery in WWII
John L. Stewart MBE KC, 3T2 - Rhodes Scholar
- Legal Counsel with the Royal Commission on Taxation
John W. Magladery, 3T5 - Rhodes Scholar
- Chairman of Neurology at the Johns Hopkins Faculty of Medicine
Rev. Derwyn R. G. Owen, 3T6† - Provost of Trinity College, University of Toronto
Gordon D. Crean, 3T7 - Canadian Ambassador to Italy, Yugoslavia and West Germany
Graham M. MacLachlan, 3T7† - President of Maple Leaf Mills Ltd.
Norman M Simpson, 4T0 CM QC - Partner at Blake, Cassels, and Graydon LLP
- Philanthropist
James George, 4T0 - Rhodes Scholar
- High Commissioner to Sri Lanka and India
- Ambassador to Iran, Nepal, and Gulf States
- Canadian representative to the UN and NATO
Robin S. Harris, 4T1† - Founding Principal of Innis College
- Professor Emeritus at the University of Toronto
Hon. Colin S. Lazier, 4T1 - Judge of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice
Lyman G. Henderson CM, 4T2† - President of Davis & Henderson
Hon. James R. Kirkpatrick, 4T3 - Judge of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice
John B. McClelland CC, 4T4 - President of McClelland & Stewart Publishing
Hon. John Black Aird CC QC, 4T5 - Senator
- Lieutenant Governor of Ontario
- Chancellor of the University of Toronto
Alexander K. Stuart CM, 4T6 - President & Chair of Stuart Energy Systems (now Hydrogenics)
- Chair of the Canadian Exporters Association
- Pioneer in renewable energy technology
Hon. George S. P. Ferguson, 4T6† - Judge of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice
Charles E. Medland CM, 5T0 - President of Wood Gundy Inc.
- Founding Director of Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan
John R. Evans CC, 5T0 - Rhodes Scholar
- President of University of Toronto
- Chairman of Rockefeller Foundation
- Co-Founder & Dean of McMaster Faculty of Medicine
Robert C. Dowsett, 5T0 - President & CEO of Crown Life Insurance
J. Fraser Mustard CC, 5T1 - Scientist
- Co-Founder & Dean of McMaster Faculty of Medicine
Terence A. Wardrop QC, 5T1 - General Counsel at Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd.
- Chair of the University of Toronto Governing Council
- President of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra
Ronald L. Watts CC, 5T2† - Rhodes Scholar
- President of Queen's University
William B. Harris, 5T3 - Chairman of Barclay's Bank of Canada
- Chairman of the University of Toronto Board of Governors
Robert Johnstone, 5T4 - Consul General of Canada in New York
- Canadian Commissioner to Bermuda
- Senior Advisor at Canadian International Council
John R. Hamilton CM MD FRCP, 5T5- Pioneer in pediatric medicine
- Chair of Pediatrics at McGill University
Peter H. Russell OC FRSC, 5T5 - Rhodes Scholar
- Professor Emeritus of Political Science at the University of Toronto
Ian G. Scott OC, 5T5 - Attorney General of Ontario
David T. C. Moore, 5T5 - Commissioner of the Ontario Securities Commission
- Director of the Toronto Stock Exchange
- Chairman of the Board at Trent University
Robert J. Wright CM QC, 5T5† - Chairman of Teck Resources Ltd
- Chairman of the Ontario Securities Commission
Michael De Pencier CM, 5T8 - Former owner of Toronto Life Magazine
- Chairman of Key Publishers Ltd.
Norman M. Seagram, 5T8- CEO & Chairman of The Molson Companies
John A. Pollock, 5T9† - Former owner of CTV
- Chancellor of Wilfrid Laurier University
Stephen V. Irwin, 6T1 - Renowned architect
Robert E. Lord, 6T2 - Vice-Chairman of Ernst & Young LLP
- Chairman of the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants
James D. Fisher, 6T4 - Vice-Dean at the Rotman School of Management
- Professor Emeritus at the University of Toronto
Michael F. Kergin, 6T5 - Canadian Ambassador to the Republic of Cuba, and to the United States
- Foreign and defense policy advisor to Prime Minister Chretien
Malcolm D. Knight, 6T7 - Deputy Governor of the Bank of Canada
- General Manager for the International Bank of Settlements
- Vice-Chairman of Deutsche Bank Group
Peter O'Brian, 6T8 - Film Producer
Brian M. Levitt OC, 6T9† - Chairman of TD Bank
- Chancellor of Bishop's University
- Vice-Chairman of Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP
- Former President & CEO of Imasco Ltd.
Philip R. L. Somerville, 6T9 - Canadian Ambassador to Greece
Thomas G. Bata, 7T0 - Chairman of the Bata Shoe Company
Peter F. Love, 7T1 - President of the Royal Canadian Institute for Science
- Environmental Activist
Hon. Robert N. Weekes, 7T1 - Judge of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice
Hon. Alan P. Ingram, 7T2 - Judge of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice
R. Scott Jolliffe, 7T3 - CEO & Managing Partner of Gowling WLG
John Hubbell , 7T4 - Olympic Athlete
Jeffrey M. Turnbull CM, 7T4 - President of the Medical Council of Canada
- Chairman of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Ottawa
R. James Anderson, 7T6† - Deputy Chairman of RBC Capital Markets
William Downe CM, 8T1 - CEO of the Bank of Montreal
Stephen J. Griggs, 8T2 - CEO of Smoothwater Capital Corp, OPTrust, Legg Mason Canada Inc.
Robert Pilon, 8T3 - Stage and recording artist
Hon. J. Paul R. Howard, 8T4 - Judge of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice
Tye S. Farrow, 8T6 - Renowned Architect
James L. McGovern, 8T6† - Co-Founder & CEO of Arrow Capital Management, BPI Financial Inc.

† Chapter President