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Support the Toronto Chapter

The support of our alumni has kept the doors of Alpha Delta Phi Toronto open to undergraduate students for over 120 years. Through financial donations, we are able to make much needed improvements to the Chapter House and plan for the future to ensure we can continue to offer the best possible experience for the Active Chapter.



ONE Time Donation

Make a one-time donation directly to the House Company Capital Fund

Make a one time donation

Annual Donation

Make an annual donation directly to the House Company Capital Fund

Legacy Giving

Want to ensure future generations of Alpha Delts can reap the same rewards from the Fraternity? Consider including Alpha Delta Phi in your will. Bequests can help support the House for years to come.

1893 Club

Named after the year of the founding of our Chapter, the 1893 Club is a recurring monthly payment of $18.93 that is donated directly to the House Company Capital Fund.

Options for other monthly payment amounts are available.

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