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Mystic Ties Campaign

The Alpha Delta Phi Toronto House Company (“House Company”) created the Mystic Ties Campaign in commemoration of our 125th Anniversary with the purpose of developing and executing a fundraising and relationship building effort that will result in all members of the Alpha Delta Phi Toronto Chapter having access to:

(1) a physical plant that meets the standards befitting an organization of our reputation

(2) programming and events that will bring together undergraduates in ways that advance our Brotherhood, and further our commitment to the Covenant of Alpha Delta Phi



The mission of this Campaign is to raise $700,000, which will be used to renovate and upgrade the facilities at 94 Prince Arthur Ave. We seek to raise these funds through two principle sources:

1.     Ongoing undergraduate operations

2.    Alumni donations


Our Chapter has had 5 residences in its 125 year history. 94 Prince Arthur has been our home for the last 50, making it our longest standing Chapter House. The proposed renovations will bring the house up to local codes, repair long-standing issues, and ensure its ability to safely and comfortably house us for the next 125 years.


94 Prince Arthur has suffered from long periods of underinvestment over the last 50 years. With a refreshed approach to maintenance, our current financial set up with the House Company and Actives working hand-in-hand will allow us to maintain our facilities even after the renovations, so as not to revert to this situation again in the future.

Steering Committee: George Pepall 6T7, Leon Broad 7T5, Jamie Anderson 7T6, Robert Pilon 8T2, Ted Macklin 8T4, John Fortney 8T5, Rob Zeidler 8T5, Tye Farrow 8T6, Jim McGovern 8T6, Paul Forma 9T7, Will Stratton 9T8, Andrew Broad 0T5

Fundraising Director: Aamir Dawood 1T7